Keep oil and equipment newer
for longer with less downtime and wear


Crusher, Loader, Drill, Transmission…

Multiple Mining, Cement and Aggregate companies have installed our oil cleaner systems on gear boxes and crushers to control dirt, dust and other contaminants, keeping the oil and equipment newer for longer with less downtime and wear.  Upon installation we create a baseline ISO 4406 particle count with the standard setup versus having our filtration system in place.

As the oil samples illustrate the particle cleanup is dramatic with a high impact.

Gear Oil Sample Chart 1



The standard oil service interval at this ready-mix cement company was to change 450 gallons of gear oil for 3 crushers each year which represents an annual lubricant savings of $8250 every year.



The gear oil was cleaned up to better than new out of the barrel and the units achieved their investment immediately since the oil does not have to be changed for years.

Ready-Mix Cement Company Install



At this aggregate plant our client was experiencing severe contamination and the portable filter cart they were using was no match for their 50 gear boxes.  The gear boxes did not have a pump so we utilized our standalone filtration unit to independently circulate the oil through the oil cleaner.


Within a few months all sizes of particles had been removed by over 90%.  When oil is kept cleaner than out of the barrel, there is less component wear, less maintenance downtime, and overall extended rebuilds.

Gear Oil Sample Chart 2