Oil Filtration

Safely Extend the Serviceable Life span of Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Transmission Oil

Clean Air Fleet Oil Bypass Filtration removes the most abrasive particles down to 1 micron ABSOLUTE 

The CAF Bypass Oil Purifier system is plumbed into your oil system and will clean your oil and its reservoir by separating and removing contaminants, water, metal and acid.  With the CAF Oil Purifier the flow rate is greatly reduced, allowing for a much smaller pore size while retaining a normal pressure differential. The result is much cleaner oil being returned to the sump.

With a standard spin-on filter, the damaging small micron particles that are not controlled by the 30µ full-flow filter will now be removed from the system. The oil cleaner will safely extend the serviceable life span of your Engine oil by 2 or more times the regular interval.  Hydraulic and Gear oil is purified to cleaner than new oil from the barrel with the lifespan extended up to 10 times than normal.

These fluid savings along with the benefits from better performing engines, reduced wear and tear on components and prevention of premature failures will have an enormous impact on the profitability and sustainability of your operation for years to come.

The Oil Cleaner system consists of a metal housing which holds 100 yards of ultra fine four stage filtration media.  Maintenance and upkeep after installation is changing the filter element at the standard interval, taking a sample for analysis, and topping off with oil.  Instant savings can be calculated immediately on reduced oil and filter use, waste oil disposal, labor and downtime for services.  The real long term savings comes from lower maintenance, related downtime and overall extended rebuilds on equipment.

CAF ByPass Oil Filtration utilizes the axial flow principle making the oil pass through a filter element that is 4 inches in thickness, using low flow and pressure through a higher volume of material than a standard full flow filter.

According to a study done at MIT, approximately 70% of all equipment’s usefulness loss is due to surface degradation

In a case study performed by General Motors and published by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it was determined that engine service life could be extended eight times when 5-micron filtration is implemented vs. the standard 40-micron filtration.