Oil Cleaner Specs


Design of Filtration System


A standard full flow filter has up to ⅛ inch thickness of filter media, compared to our element which is over 4 inches of filter medium.  Our elements are constructed from a specifically designed cellulose fiber material that absorbs water and oxidation residue as well contaminants down to 1 micron in size.

Manufactured with a patented CNC winding and cutting machine for maximum accuracy and quality control.  All filter elements are tested according to the Multipass Test ISO 4572 which ensures that every micron rating we state results from extensive testing performed by a certified Multipass Test Laboratory.



Construction of Element



  1. Central Core of Element
  2. Fabric Handle for Element Removal
  3. Specially Formulated Cellulose Material
  4. Crimped Sleeve Compressed for Increased Density
  5. Non-Woven Filter for Final Stage Before Outlet









Diagnosis of Oil Condition

Oil Condition Chart


  1. Normal: Black from Carbon Particulate
  2. Metal Presence: Abnormal Metal Wear
  3. Shrinked or Cracked: Presence of Water
  4. Sludge Presence: Oxidation from High Heat









Low Pressure Specifications                                                    High Pressure Specifications

LowPressureChart HighPressureChart



Installation Examples for
Pressure and Return Hoses

Pressure Access Guage


Pressure access: gauge, filter head or galley.


















Return access: oil return, fill tube or sump.