Logging Expo Brings Industry Pros Together ABC-Marquette

Courtesy of ABC News 10 Marquette, MI

Clean Air Fleet was recently featured at a Midwest Logging Conference in Escanaba, MI.

ESCANABA — Logging has been an important industry in the UP for a long time.

For those in the business, the Great Lakes Logging and Heavy Equipment Expo was the place to be today. Exhibitors from all over the great lakes region came to Escanaba to check out the latest in industry equipment, technology and information. The Expo is a great way for business owners to find new clients and spread the word about their products.

“Every time we come to shows like this we always get new networks of people involved,” said Kurt Braunel, owner of Clean Air Fleet Inc., “We work in logging, forestry, mining, aggregates, drilling. We have customers all over the world. We export our products to Africa, South America and Eastern Asia as well.”


Courtesy of ABC News 10 Marquette, MI