Clean Air Fleet Works With Logging Equipment OEM

Clean Air Fleet works with major logging equipment manufacturer keeping engine, hydraulic

and diesel oil cleaner than required specifications aligning with maintenance mission and goals.


Engine and Hydraulic Purifiers mounted on OEM equipment and factory dealership to help customers retain value in pre-owned equipment

Maintenance Mission: 

Keep the machine in first class condition and, as it should be, running efficiently.

Engine oil cleaner on forestry harvester diesel engine

The Society of Automotive Engineers and General Motors determined that engine service life could be extended by eight times when 5 micron or finer filtration is used versus a standard 40 micron spin on filter.

Engine oil with standard filtration gets contaminated and elements in the additive package diminish quickly.  The combustion process continually produces blow by and soot which accumulate and shorten oil life.

Our one micron oil cleaner polishes oil free of contaminants, water, fuel, acid, and soot maximizing the useful life of the oil.     

Ultra fine filtration in conjunction with a reputable oil analysis program allows for safe interval extensions and will not affect warranty or service contracts.

Hydraulic oil cleaner on forestry harvester machine

The logging equipment manufacturer recommends using an oil with an ISO code 14/12, while most new oils are at ISO code 17/14  brand new out of the barrel.

Not only is new but dirty oil a concern, but hydraulic systems continually create metal particles as parts wear.  As this metal flows throughout the system at high speed and pressure it causes abrasive damage to pumps, valves, seals and cylinders.  Dirt particles also get in through tank breathers, cylinder seals and other access points.  

Since the hydraulic system is always taking on metal and dirt, the practice of changing oil alone is not enough.  Rather, a continuous oil polishing system that maintains the removal of harmful contaminants at all times will keep equipment running cleaner and longer.

Maintenance Goals:


“A broken machine in the middle of the woods can be a hard financial knock to forest machine entrepreneurs.”

Downtime caused by breakdown and repairs can accumulate costs rapidly.  Not only do the parts and service bills add up, but also the lost revenue and productivity takes away from the bottom line of your business.

  Resale value

“A regularly maintained machine remains in good condition and retains its resale value.”

Many fleet owners recognize the value in protecting their older pre-emission engines. Many are choosing to rebuild existing equipment rather than upgrade to units with selective oxidation catalysts, or urea units.


“Your forest machine will remain reliable and productive from one worksite to another.”

It is not possible to eliminate every mechanical breakdown or malfunction, but we can clean 90% or particulates and dirt from the oil, and 99% of water and moisture, allowing the entire machine to operate under ideal conditions and maximize the useful lifespan of your equipment.

  ISO Cleanliness codes

A hydraulic pump with a flow rate of 50 GPM pumping contaminated oil with an ISO code 21/18 will pump more than 1300  pounds of dirt annually, the same pump with a clean 12/9 will only pump 3 pounds annually. 

The sample data above was gathered from a hydraulic system on a piece of forestry equipment.  The baseline ISO cleanliness code of  19/18/16 was out of recommended specification and after five weeks was cleaned up by over 80% to an ISO code of 17/13/10, as clean as new oil from a barrel, which proves a dramatic improvement in a short run of time.

The fluid savings and benefits from better performing engines, reduced wear on components and prevention of failures and downtime will have an enormous impact on the profitability and sustainability of your operation.