VIDEO CAF 1 Micron vs. 25 Micron Filter

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In this video we are demonstrating our 1 micron oil purifier vs. a 25 micron filter.  

A standard spin on filter is not capable of removing water or particles smaller than 25 micron, our CAF oil purifier will remove 99.9% of water and contaminants down to 1 micron absolute, keeping the oil longer while reducing downtime and maintenance.

Why our clients have decided to go with Clean Air Fleet oil, fuel and energy services

  • To reduce the lost revenues from downtime and reactive maintenance
  • Protect the equipment and valuable assets invested in pumps, motors and engines
  • Reduce overall oil and related maintenance costs by 50-90%
      Whether your equipment is new or old we can protect what you have and provide a quick return on investment.  We designed our on board oil purifiers to universally fit every piece of equipment in every industry around the globe.  Our inventory, knowledge base and experience levels include every manufacturer with every type of fitting applicable to fit your particular application. 

      Reasons why our customers contacted us for our oil, fuel and energy services

  • Hydraulic oil contamination they experience in their harsh working environment
  • Desire to keep their existing equipment performing longer than to upgrade to new   
  • High soot from Exhaust Gas Recirculation causing wear in brand new engines
  • Protect and purify their existing synthetic, blended or other high cost specialty oils