Filter Cart Systems

The Clean Air Fleet Bulk Oil And Fuel Filter Carts are Self Contained Mobile Units that Provide 1 Micron Filtration to a Variety of Applications Involving Diesel Fuel and Oil

The CAF Oil and Fuel Filter Carts are available with either an AC or DC powered electric motor for a standalone purifier for bulk fuel or oil storage tanks, also as fuel or oil fluid transfer systems. The Filter Cart is also available without the electric pump for setups on inline or bypass applications using the existing pressure from oil, hydraulic, or fuel flow on mobile or stationary applications.
• Transfer and clean fluids at each service or refill • Setup on any bulk fuel tank inline or recirculating • Units rated for continuous heavy duty applications • Programmable timer and outdoor cover available • Available in either AC or DC electric motor option • Service multiple units in field or shop with ease  

• Protect pumps, injectors, servo valves, turbos, engines


The Fuel and Oil Purifier Cart Will Remove the Following

• Water / Moisture               • Acid Formation                      • Algae / Sludge

• Microbes                           • Asphaltenes                           • Dirt / Debri

• Dust / Silicon                    • Wear Metals                           • Varnish


The CAF Fuel and Oil Purifier Carts Remove 99.98% of All Contaminants in a

Single Pass Improving Your Preventative Maintenance with Less Downtime