Clean Air Fleet 1 micron Oil and Fuel Cleaning Technologies

Clean Air Fleet offers a top of the line Oil Cleaning Program, the technology gets installed on any stationary or mobile equipment and will clean any oil or fuel to 1 micron Absolute, while removing 99.9% water from the fluids.

Today’s engines, oils, and fuels are changing very rapidly, we are now in the Tier IV era where we are seeing very high fuel pressure to increase engine efficiency while reducing emissions from the trucks exhaust.

Some fleet owners are experiencing many fuel related maintenance issues, it’s no wonder when we are pressurizing a dry ULSD fuel at 30,000 PSI + through a 2 micron orifice. Injectors are now developing deposits inside the injector, known as IDID or Internal Diesel Injector Deposits, giving new trucks a lot more chance for reduced injector performance and injector failure. Not to worry, Clean Air Fleet has a program that treats the fuel for the ULSD with a premium additive that is a very unique technology that saves users money on fuel maintenance cost. Secondly, it’s a must to be polishing the bulk fuel tank with Clean Air Fleet’s system that can be fit for any size bulk fueling system. Clean Fuel in the trucks saddle tanks is more important than ever before, we have the technology to cover all of your fuel filtration needs.