Clean Oil

Clean Oil

Turn Reactive Maintenance into Proactive and Preventative Maintenance with the Clean Air Fleet Bypass Oil Cleaner system.

Clean Air Fleet Oil Bypass Filtration Safely Extends Oil Life, Equipment Life, and Reduces Downtime

Clean Oil Guarantee

Our ON ROAD & OFF ROAD trained staff will visit the Organization to make a proactive plan with the Equipment Manger and Fleet Owner.  Together we will determine an installation schedule for the fleet,  as the Equipment comes through the shop for other maintenance, this is the most efficient time to install the Clean Air Fleet Oil By-Pass Filtration.

Clean Air Fleet will perform the installation, or we can assist in the installation of the Clean Air Fleet Oil Cleaning Systems initially to get the project started.

Oil Changes are not recommended due to the fact that oil gets old, rather, it gets contaminated.  According to traditional maintenance practices, it is better to change oil at recommended intervals.  Clean Air Fleet Oil Purification will provide much Cleaner Oil when compared to using a standard full flow by itself.

In fact when the system is added to a Class 8 Over The Road Truck, with a Cummins ISX for example, that would change the oil every 15,000 miles with just the standard filter, once the Clean Air Fleet Oil By-Pass Filtration System is installed the oil will be cleaner at 30,000 miles then it was at 15,000 before installing the system.  Customers call all the time to tell us their oil is so much cleaner then before, then together we go over the Oil Analysis Data that confirms the Oil has 98% less particulates of dirt, dust, carbon/soot, acids, and water.  All contaminants the standard filter can’t remove, Clean Air Fleet polishes the oil so good, it will keep the Oil and Engine free of all of these contaminants that cause the engine to Wear Out Faster.

At Clean Air Fleet it is our mission to introduce technologies that conserve fuel and oil resources, cut expenses, and reduce emissions for our client base.  Since 2004, we have helped our customers conserve their valuable fuel and oil resources in many industries throughout the world.

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