Fuel Additives

Clean Air Fleet – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive

CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  treated fuel is the best fuel your engines can burn.  We’ve spent a considerable amount of time testing other products. If there was something better, we would be telling you about it.

In fuel savings alone, CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  can save you up to 1-3 times its cost.   Add to that reduced engine wear, longer lasting oil and filters and the cost savings add even more to the bottom line.

Proven Performance
Over millions of miles in operation, CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  has proven to be safe and effective in every engine type and manufacturer.

We tested hundreds of products and found that the CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  formula proved to be the best.  It could not be beaten, as a matter of fact, CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  is the only fuel product that meets all of our performance and safety requirements.

Removes CCD’s
Combustion Chamber Deposits (CCD’s) absorb oxygen, increase combustion temperatures and comprise the “wear particles” that scuff cylinder sleeves. Free up that oxygen and the chamber burns fuel like new.  Remove the wear particle and the engine lasts longer.

Eliminates Diesel Smoking
Visible diesel smoke is caused by partially clogged fuel injectors that drip fuel into the chamber instead of atomizing it. The dripped fuel doesn’t burn completely resulting in black smoke. With the CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive capability to keep your engine running clean, you’ll never have to worry about clogged and malfunctioning fuel injectors.

7th DPF Injector Before / After

Removes Soot and Carbon On Emission System Components

Carbon and Soot are the result of un-burned hydrocarbons in the combustion process.  This carbon will tend to collect and coat various components throughout the entire emission control system.  This causes sensors to fail and valves to freeze up and send check engine codes.

The 7th Injector (pictured left) shows a Before and After result of using the CAF Premium Diesel Fuel Additive.  There is a clear difference that when the fuel burning more completely and efficiently, there is less soot buildup allowing the injector to spray properly and get the DPF up to proper temps and burn off the soot and clean out the filter.


Diesel Particulate Filter Before / After

Burns off Soot in the DPF with More Complete Fuel Burn

With a properly performing DPF – 7th Injector able to reach the ideal desired temperatures to actually burn off the soot in the filter there is less residual buildup of carbon and soot throughout.

The Diesel Particulate Filter (pictured left) shows a Before and After result of using the CAF Premium Diesel Fuel Additive.  This filter had over 500,000 miles on it before starting with the CAF program, in less than 6 months the filter had been cleaned out completely avoiding the need to take it to the dealer for cleaning or complete replacement saving money and downtime.

CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  does the following: 

  • Increases fuel economy by an average of 5-9%
  • Meets or exceeds all fuel specifications
  • Cleans the fuel injectors and keeps them clean
  • Lubricates fuel injection pump
  • Extends engine and fuel system life
  • Burns away carbon deposits from the combustion chamber
  • Cleans tanks and supply lines of sludge and heavy deposits
  • Mixes readily with fuel requiring no further circulation
  • Treated fuels burn cooler which reduces nitrous oxide (NoX)

Engine Safe
CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  is non hazardous and non corrosive and is safe in all recommended applications.

Meets All Fuel Specifications
Because CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  only contains approved fuel components and meets all manufacturer and regulatory fuel specifications.

CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive is an environmentally safe blend of detergents, surfactants and lubricants designed to enhance today’s new fuels.

The CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive formulation reduces all levels of hazardous emissions from internal combustion engines.  It does this through chemical cleaning, introduction of additional oxygen to the combustion process, eliminating contamination from the fuel system, and modification of the fuel at the molecular level.

CAF- Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  provides Lubricity equivalent to 3000 ppm sulfur diesel fuel with multiple additive compounds for upper cylinder lubrication designed to reduce friction and prevent valve and cylinder wear.  The compounds burn ash-less during the combustion process, and leave a coating to protect engines from “dry” starts and corrosion.

CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  Cleans deposits from fuel tanks, lines, injectors, valves, and piston rings and keeps them clean with continuous use bringing engine back to “like new” performance.

  • Improved sealing of valves and piston rings reduces blow-by and improves combustion quality.
  • Cleans injectors to ensure optimum spray pattern to facilitate improved atomization and combustion
  • Eliminates EGR valve fouling and reduces diesel particulate filter (DPF) regenerations to ensure emission control technologies are working at peak efficiencies.

CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  Improves Combustion by reducing fuel surface tension and introducing additional oxygen to the combustion process.

  • Reduced surface tension allows better atomization so more of the fuel molecule to exposed to oxygen during the combustion process
  • Attacks larger carbon chains and paraffin; breaking them down to allow more complete combustion.
  • Oxygenates enable a more complete fuel burn providing better fuel economy and more power.  
  • The improved combustion reduces hazardous NOx and SO2 emissions and particulate matter (PM) through a more efficient yet lower temperature combustion process.

CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  Conditions fuel by removing water by carrying it through the combustion process and lubricating fuel pumps, valves, injectors, and piston rings.

  • Conditioned fuel burns cleaner reducing emissions
  • Increased lubrication to the upper cylinder area, valves and top rings reduces blow-by thus improving efficiency and reducing oil contamination and dilution, and emissions.
  • Resolves algae and sludge issues, and prevents future microbial conditions
  • Emulsifies water and suspends it allowing it to exit the fuel system through combustion instead of accumulating.

CAF – Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  Stabilizes fuel and reduces Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP)

  • Promotes molecular balance in the fuel and makes it shelf and tank stable, thus enhancing the oxidation stability of straight #2 diesel and bio-diesel blends
  • Reduces RVP thus reducing the hydrocarbon emissions from evaporation

   CAF- Premium Diesel Fuel Additive  is saving fuel, reducing emissions, and reducing downtime and maintenance for power generation plants, gen-sets, generators, construction sites, as well as on road vehicles and off road vehicles that are using Bio-Diesel, ULSD or ultra low sulfur fuels.