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NEW CAF Fuel Additive Doser Tank Systems

NEW CAF Fuel Additive Doser Tank Systems

Additive Doser Tanks The NEW Fuel Additive Doser Tank Clean Air Fleet has introduced a new line of Fuel Additive Doser Tanks which are designed for conveniently measuring and dispensing fuel additive directly into the fuel tanks on a truck.  The Doser Tank provides safer storage of fuel additive outside of the cab preventing unnecessary

VIDEO CAF 1 Micron vs. 25 Micron Filter

 Click to Watch  HIGH DEF VIDEO LINK In this video we are demonstrating our 1 micron oil purifier vs. a 25 micron filter.   A standard spin on filter is not capable of removing water or particles smaller than 25 micron, our CAF oil purifier will remove 99.9% of water and contaminants down to 1